For many years, The Lower Rhythm designed both utilitarian and fringe VST plugins for soundsmiths interested in not only versatility and quality, but experimentation. Although we are no longer in production, our entire library of plugins and drum samples are available now to you for free. If you are looking for plugins with personality and presence, plugins that simply sound great, then you have come to the right place.

     All of our creations are in the PC-VST format. Thank you so very much to the hundreds of you that helped us get as far as we did.

     Any questions, comments, etc. please feel free to reach out via thelowerrhythm at gmail dot com.

Download Entire Archive -- For Free!

   Both Drum Sample Libraries and all 21 VST Plugins are included, complete with documentation. Although this is the end for TLR VST, it isn't the end for myriad other projects. If you use and love these plugins, why not donate a small amount below towards future ventures?

Click Here to download the archive (100MB).